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  • Unlock Policy

    • All sales are Final, for unlocking services except in the case the unlock is unsuccessful.

  • Special Order Parts Policy

    • Any repairs needing special order parts, require a 50% or 100% deposit. If a Special Order Parts is cancelled a 25% fee will be applied to cover restocking fees.

  • Returns Policy

    • All sales are Final on any successful repairs. No refunds on repairs once completed. Exchanges are accepted on accessories within 5 days of purchase as long as they are in original condition.

  • Lost Data Policy

    • Cell Phone Medix is not liable and we assume no responsibility of data loss to any device during repair. It is the customer’s responsibility to back up data before any repairs.

  • Pre-inspection Policy

    • Cell Phone Medix assumes no responsibility for damaged parts if we are not able to fully inspect the device prior to the repair.

  • Abandoned Device Policy

    • Devices left for 30 days whether repaired or not repaired will be considered abandoned, UNLESS prior written or in some form of text arrangements have been made. At that point the device will become property of Cell Phone Medix.

  • Screen Repair Warranty

    • All screens supplied AND repaired by Cell Phone Medix come with a 6 month warranty. This warranty covers screen defects ONLY such  as manufacturer defects, ie. ghost touch, lifting, unresponsive screens. This Warranty is Voided by any physical or water damage to the screen whether being internal or external.

  • Tempered Glass Warranty

    • All Tempered Glass Screen Protectors sold AND installed by Cell Phone Medix come with a Lifetime Warranty. Should the Tempered Glass break Cell Phone Medix will replace the tempered glass for a $5 fee.

  • Water Proof/Resistant Devices

    • In our experience there is NO device completely waterproof. However, be advised waterproof/ water resistant devices will not retain the same water resistant characteristics once it has been opened for repair.

  • Factory Warranty Notice

    • Repairs done by Cell Phone Medix may VOID the manufacturer's warranty on the device. Cell Phone Medix DOES NOT assume any kind of liability or warranty in the case that the manufacturer's warranty is voided.

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